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Eating City Steering Committee has been appointed to provide guidance on purpose and visiuon for the Eating City Platform. It has been officially established in March 2016 and gathers 10 members.

Among its first missions: to adapt Eating City Manifesto to the new challenges and issues that have arisen since its launch in 2010 and to foster the Eating City Youth In Action network.

Maurizio Mariani Maurizio Mariani

Maurizio Mariani Italian, living in France, President of the Consortium Risteco, C.E.O. of Sotral Spa (2001-2012) he is also member of the “Groupe de Bruges”(an EU Think Tank fully dedicated to the AGRI Business) and Sustainable Food Lab (USA).

Arie Van Den Brand

Dr. Arie Van Den Brand has worked his whole life at the intersection of agriculture and society. The son of a Dutch family farmer, he earned a masters degree in agriculture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

robin gourlay Robin Gourlay

« In a busy professional life, what you commit to do outside of work has to be purposeful and have the potential to make a real difference. I value highly time spent with Eating Cities. It is an outstanding project which feeds the minds of young people who are our future influencers and decision makers. At its intensive Summer Food Campus you see young people becoming empowered, interested in making a difference, acquiring knowledge of food and food systems that would take years to absorb in any other way and developing for themselves an ethic of responsibility for food in society and its impact globally on health and the environment which they carry forward. »

Robin Gourlay was drafted into the Scottish Government to work on the delivery of the National Food and Drink Policy. The current programme of work looks at increasing the adoption of sustainable food and drink procurement across Scotland in the public sector.

Giuseppe Mastruzzo

« My life is full with food, my eyes are driven by the colors of fruit – my hours are paced by the taste of meals and conviviality. My time can be frozen or hot, insipid or full with flavor. My food is like my life in the city, full with cultural conflicts, economic crises, and even health emergencies. That’s why I love being part of Eating City, which gives me an opportunity to look at food and myself through philosophy and law, ethics and economics, politics and sociology, ecology and gender studies. And now I am able to forget the commodity form of food, and I can enjoy it fully for what it is, qualities, not quantities – priceless colors and flavors, and emotions even. »

Giuseppe Mastruzzo is the Director of the International University College (IUC) of Turin and Affiliate Professor of Ethics in Economics and Politics at the Public Policy Department of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, National Research University of the Russian Federation.

Bart Soldaat Bart Soldaat

« With 70% of the world population living in urban areas by 2050, cities will play a key role in finding solutions to feed its inhabitants in a sustainable way. Eating City is showcasing how this can be achieved. »

Bart Soldaat has been trained as a rural sociologist at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Holland. After completion of its Masters, he has done research in Italy for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in 1990 on the subject of beef quality of indigenous breeds.

Mark Ritchie Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie is a co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the former Secretary of State of Minnesota, in the United States.

Pavlos Georgiadis

« Eating City comes as a response to a failed extractivist economic model that prevailed for several decades in the world. Our food supply chains are broken and, as a result, we experience the warmest months ever recorded in history, with inequalities getting deeper and extremism on the rise there. There is no much more time left for action, and it is now the time of open, peer-peer networks of active citizens to co-design and scale the regenerative economy. This is the reason I join my voice with the translocal network of Eating City. »

Born and raised in Alexandroupolis, Greece, Pavlos Georgiadis has lived in eleven countries in Europe, Asia and America working on research projects for biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and rural extension.

Judita Peterlin

« Participating in Eating City workshops and the Steering Committee means raising awareness and enables collective agency. Through working with EC Staff I value the vast pool of expertise from different fields regarding food. It is a joy to see Eating City community develop every year so fruitfully and with such enthusiasm from all the stakeholders. I hope we bring to light the world we envision. »

Judita Peterlin, PhD, works at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. She joined the first Eating City Summer Campus as a participant and since then, she has been involved in successive editions and also in other Eating City workshops as a facilitator and coordinator of the Summer Campus facilitators at La Bergerie de Villarceaux.

Nicola Robecchi Nicola Robecchi

« As a young professional working everyday to improve the food system at We Deliver Taste, Eating City represent the perfect framework where to envision a transition towards a better relationship between Urban and Agriculture. The learning and exchange process happening on the campus and among the network of Eating City brings new horizons and concrete prospectives for building a better relationship with what peaople eat, everyday, worldwide. »

After finishing his studies at the University of Gastrnomic Science in Italy and completing an Master of Science in managment of food territories in France, Nicola, is since 2013 one of the founder of We Deliver Taste.

Damien Conaré

Eating City is at the forefront of exciting developments around the relocalization of food systems at the city region level. Food in the city and its multidimensional aspects allows to tackle so many different issues. Cities eat food,  and cities shall feed agriculture in reverse through its many ressources.

Damien Conaré is the Secretary General of the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems at the International Centre for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences (SupAgro) in Montpellier, France.  The aim of the UNESCO Chair is to increase and disseminate academic and empirical knowledge on world food systems (in particular urban food systems), their diversity, their dynamics, and their human and environmental impacts from the standpoint of sustainable development.

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