Boris Boincean

Boris Boincean is born in 1954 in Chernovtsy region of Ukraine. He was graduated at the Moscow Agricultural Academy by name of K.A. Timiriazev, at the Faculty of Agronomy. After his PhD in 1982 on soil organic matter transformation on non-chernozem soils. He was working as a research worker at the Selectia Research Institute of Field Crops (1985-1989 – Scientific Secretary of the Institute; since 1990 as the Head of the Department of Sustainable Farming Systems; 1993-1999 – research director of the Institute; 1999- 2009 – general director of Scientific Production Association “Selectia” and director of the Research Institute). In 1998 he defended his second thesis of doctor habilitate of agricultural sciences on crop rotations and soil organic matter transformation on chernozem soils of Moldova. The materials of the dissertation have been included in the book ”Ecological agriculture in the Republic of Moldova”. Since 2003 he is responsible for the chair of Natural Sciences and Agroecology at the Alecu Russo State University in Balti (Republic of Moldova). At the Research Institute of Field Crops “Selectia” he conducts researches in the long-term field experiments with crop rotations, monoculture, soil fertilization, irrigation and tillage etc. A special interest is sustainable, including organic agriculture. He has published more than 270 research papers.