Giuseppe Mastruzzo

“My life is full with food, my eyes are driven by the colors of fruit – my hours are paced by the taste of meals and conviviality. My time can be frozen or hot, insipid or full with flavor. My food is like my life in the city, full with cultural conflicts, economic crises, and even health emergencies. That’s why I love being part of Eating City, which gives me an opportunity to look at food and myself through philosophy and law, ethics and economics, politics and sociology, ecology and gender studies. And now I am able to forget the commodity form of food, and I can enjoy it fully for what it is, qualities, not quantities – priceless colors and flavors, and emotions even.”

Giuseppe Mastruzzo is the Director of the International University College (IUC) of Turin and Affiliate Professor of Ethics in Economics and Politics at the Public Policy Department of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, National Research University of the Russian Federation. Giuseppe holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Kent at Canterbury. From 2003 to 2007 he was Head of Studies and Research at Confservizi Lazio, the association of public-service companies in Rome.

The IUC of Turin offers a master program in Food, Law & Finance together with the University of Pollenzo.