The Steering Committee

The team behind all the Summer Campus editions

Eating City Steering Committee has been appointed to provide guidance on purpose and visiuon for the Eating City Platform. It has been officially established in March 2016 and gathers 10 members.

Among its first missions: to adapt Eating City Manifesto to the new challenges and issues that have arisen since its launch in 2010 and to foster the Eating City Youth In Action network.

Maurizio Mariani Maurizio Mariani General Manager of Eating City International Platform
robin gourlay Robin Gourlay Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee, Leader of PFS internal Focus Group
Giuseppe Mastruzzo Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee
Mark Ritchie Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie is a co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the former Secretary of State of Minnesota, in the United States.

Nicola Robecchi Nicola Robecchi Gastronomic Manager @ We Deliver Taste
Damien Conaré

Eating City is at the forefront of exciting developments around the relocalization of food systems at the city region level. Food in the city and its multidimensional aspects allows to tackle so many different issues. Cities eat food,  and cities shall feed agriculture in reverse through its many ressources.

Damien Conaré is the Secretary General of the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems at the International Centre for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences (SupAgro) in Montpellier, France.  The aim of the UNESCO Chair is to increase and disseminate academic and empirical knowledge on world food systems (in particular urban food systems), their diversity, their dynamics, and their human and environmental impacts from the standpoint of sustainable development.

Katie Wilson Katie Wilson

Dr. Wilson has a passion for child nutrition and has dedicated her career to improving access to healthy food for all children and their families. She has spent twenty three years as a school nutrition director in three public schools districts in Wisconsin…

Ana Puhac Ana Puhac

Ana Puhac is an urban food systems specialist working for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome where she supports activities contributing to FAO’s Urban Food Agenda and building knowledge on urban food governance mechanisms. She holds a B.A. in Human Ecology and MSc in Building and Urban Design in Development. Recently, Ana worked with multi-actor processes for urban development through design of innovative tools, project development and research in an innovative start-up and the municipality of Amsterdam.
Ana was a participant of Eating City in 2016, after which she joined Eating City as a facilitator and a member of the Steering Committee.

Aleksandar Stojanovitch Aleksandar Stojanovic Researcher at Eating City

Aleksandar Stojanovic is a labor rights activist from Serbia and a researcher with focus on policy, law and economics and the commons, is working on Eating City project within the public foodservices focus group and he is member of the Eating City steering committee. During The Campus will work as responsible of the facilitator staff.

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