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Proposal Papers


The ECADIM or Etudes de Cas A DImensions Multiples (Study of Cases with Multiple Dimensions) have been developped by the Charles Leopold Mayer to information, knowledge and relevant analyses about real cases and specific themes. They are documents which raise hypotheses or key questions under several point of view: history, social, economical or environmental impact etc.

Project "Food and Religions"

Food consumption can be considered a religiously and culturally-defined social issue, and can be used as an instrument for inclusion and social cohesion. The project “Food and Religion in Public Food Services” focus on the child nutrition in primary schools and the way the different religious conceptions concerning food are taken into account. In particular, it explores the differences in the diet and nutritional status among children from different origins and the way public institutions might take into account religious and traditional beliefs regarding nutrition. It aims to produce a comparison between European cities, starting from Turin, Rome and Zaragoza.

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