Focus Group

Eating City Focus Groups have a pivotal role within Eating City to implement research focused on food related issues dealing with sustainable food systems and public food service. The research findings brought forth by the Focus Groups will be the building blocks for Eating City programs and activities. Focus Groups will also be responsible for developing any Eating City Position Papers on critical topics of interest to the group that contribute to the mission of Eating City. The goal of each Focus Group is to create a new business model and procurement guidelines for public food service that fits the new economic paradigm and new food goals.

Each focus group will be assessed every 3 years to review it’s purpose, topic, and importance to Eating City. Focus Groups can be dissolved at the direction of the Eating City Board of Directors. These Focus Groups work under the umbrella of the “Public Food Service Focus Group” (PFSFG) Lead by Robin Gourlay – Ass. A. Stojanovich

Download: EC Focus Groups Rules & Guidance

The focus groups

Public Foodservices
Betina Madesn Bergmann
download the pdf file

Sustainable Nutrition
Katie Wilson
download the pdf file

Sustainable Gastronomy
Nicola Robecchi

Food & Climate Change
Ana Puhac
download the pdf file

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