Mission and vision

Together to share a new vision of public foodservices

In recent decades, power and control over food has become highly concentrated. Large, profit-oriented multinationals organise how food is produced, traded and marketed at the expense of jobs and sustainability.

The Eating City Mission is to introduce into business and public discourse ‘Social Dialogue for a more sustainable food supply chain’ that aims to help citizens, food businesses, Governments and Cities reconceptualise food issues where feeding people is buttressed by a deeper systemic understanding of the impact of food on health, the environment and the economy.

The key Vision that Eating City holds is to empower people early in their working lives to become the actors who will shift the paradigm of “business for businesses” to champion “business for people” which Eating City believes is a maxim for sustainable food systems transformation. This Vision underpins the work of The Eating City International Platform.

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