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What is the Summer Campus

«We are ready to play our part in this task, if it is not us, who else? If it is not now, when?»

The core purpose of Eating City summer campus is to build understanding and trust around complex and challenging issues related to urban food systems among young generations in order to create lasting networks, and define real solutions, either small or large, that participants can implement in their future careers for the betterment of society as a whole and for personal growth. 

Cultural change for sustainable food systems implementation will require visionary thinking, creativity and leadership to execute. Indeed, many experts who have participated to the numerous Eating City conferences and workshops  have indicated training as one of the main lever to achieve the change of paradigm.

That’s why we created  Eating City Summer Campus  experience that brings together young people, researchers, senior professionals working in public and private sectors, opinion and community leaders, to build participant’s capacity for learning and leading in the 21st century.

Participants are aged 22-32*, they are chefs, farmers, students in environmental sciences, food sciences, nutrition, urban planning, economy, communication, they are simply involved in civil society and advocacy and they share a deep interest for better food systems. They are selected by the steering committee on the basis of their motivation and also in order to create a composite group.

*According to the theme of the Summer Campus, this range may be slightly different however, it is always indicated precisely in the call which is published in the Spring of the year of the Campus.

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