Board of Directors

The core team of Eating City is the “Board of Directors”. The Board has been appointed to provide guidance on purpose and vision for the Eating City Platform. It was officially established in January 2017, renewed in 2019 consist of 5 members :

The Board is composed by the founders (*) of the Organizations and other 2 members indicate by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors meet at every 6 months, or more regularly.

Download the EC Governance model 2019


Member of the board of directors are:
Isabelle Lacourt Isabelle Lacourt Eating City President

Isabelle Lacourt is an Agronomist, has got a phD in soil microbiology and has worked as a researcher in France, Scotland, USA, Canada, Italy for 10 years. Since 2005 she has got a master in Environmental communication (IED of Turin) and has been specialized in thematics such as sustainable food systems and the use of sustainable development as a lever to compete. Responsible of research activities in Risteco, she has written/coordinated/ participated to several European Projects focusing on adult training on the topic of environmental impacts in catering (Softagri, Bio chez Toi, C2C). She is now involved in Eating City project where she organises workshops meetings and write publications and reports. She is one of the co-Authors of the books “La ville qui mange” and “City food Policies. Securing our daily bread in an urbanizing world.”.

Maurizio Mariani Maurizio Mariani Eating City Director

Maurizio Mariani is the General Manager of Eating City, member of the “Groupe de Bruges” he is also founder and member of the Advisory Council of the MCA (Mediterranean Citizen Assembly Foundation ). He is an expert of economy and environment related to hospitality & foodesevice. Author of numerous publications and articles, speaker at several international conferences on Foodservices, he has designed the Risteco handbooks (“Quaderni di Risteco”), and the projects of “il Pranzo Sostenibile” (“The Sustainable Meal”). He is one of the co-Authors of the books “La ville qui mange” and “City food Policies. Securing our daily bread in an urbanizing world.”

Giuseppe Mastruzzo Eating City Administrator

Giuseppe Mastruzzo is the Director of the International University College (IUC) of Turin and Affiliate Professor of Ethics in Economics and Politics at the Public Policy Department of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, National Research University of the Russian Federation. Giuseppe holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Kent at Canterbury. From 2003 to 2007 he was Head of Studies and Research at Confservizi Lazio, the association of public-service companies in Rome. The IUC of Turin offers a master program in Food, Law & Finance together with the University of Pollenzo. He is also board member of Eating City.

Katie Wilson Katie Wilson Eating City Advisor

Dr. Wilson has a passion for child nutrition and has dedicated her career to improving access to healthy food for all children and their families. She has spent twenty three years as a school nutrition director in three public schools districts in Wisconsin, five years as the Executive Director for the Institute of Child Nutrition and assistant professor at the University of Mississippi and most recently 2 years as the Deputy Under Secretary of Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services at the United States Department of Agriculture, appointed by President Obama, She is also member of the Eating City steering committee.

robin gourlay Robert Gourlay Eating City Advisor

Robert Gourlay was drafted into the Scottish Government to work on the delivery of the National Food and Drink Policy. The current programme of work looks at increasing the adoption of sustainable food and drink procurement across Scotland in the public sector. He has a varied CV, having started in Hotel Management, Catering Officer at the University of Aberdeen, Strathclyde Colleges Refectories Manager, and then Client Contract Manager for Strathclyde Regional Council where he was responsible for 2,100 catering locations of which 1,800 were schools. At East Ayrshire Council he has managed at various times Transport, Property, Leisure, Refuse Collection, Street Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance and Cleaning, Janitorial, School Crossing and Catering Services. He believes that public food and in particular school food is uniquely placed to deliver a community focused health improvement, sustainability and economic development agenda. He is also board member of Eating City and Leading the Public Foodservices focus Group.

Steering Committee

In accordance with the Eating City Vision and with the Manifesto , the Governance of the Platform is entrusted also to a Steering Committee composed of max 15 Delegates + a Chair Person, representing different cultures and with a proven professional experience related to food System and policy making.

The Board of Directors should nominate a Chair Person for the steering committee. The Steering Committee’s role is to provide advice, ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes.
The Steering Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of progress. Members do not usually work on the project themselves. Generally, the Project Manager, and other members of the Project Team, actually do the work implementing the Eating City platform.

Members are nominated upon indication of:
– Activ Members (Associates) can nominate up to 4 members
– The EC Ambassador (youth members) can nominate up to 3 members
– The Partner (PP) can nominate up to 3 Members

Upon the evaluation of their CV, The Board of Directors should approve their nomination and after this process they become active members of the Steering Committee. The Steering committee meet twice a year. Meetings take place in different countries from Europe.

Member of the Steering Committee are:
Corinne Stewart Eating City Coordinator, Leader of the E.C. University network

Corinne Stewart is a coordinator at Eating City. She has 17 years’ experience of International Relations in Higher Education and is the President of the ISLE Sustainability Network.

Betina Bergmann Madsen Member of of PFS internal Focus Group

Betina Bergmann Madsen is chief procurement officer in the Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens. Since 2001, Copenhagen has had a goal of reaching 90% of organic food in all public catering within the city, and achieved this goal in 2016. Naturally, the tenders and food supply need to support this objective, which to our knowledge is the most ambitious in all the capitals of the world. Betina strives to continually improve the steady supply of seasonal and high quality ingredients into the public systems and aims to tailor the tenders to adjust to the different needs of different kitchens, but also to actively enforce the municipality’s ambition to ensure that tenders include SME’s, circular economy and Social Economic Enterprises. She is also member of the Eating City focus group on public food service.

Tamara Bruning Tamara Bruning

As a cook I’m passionate about food, as a bachelor in social work I care for people and as a master in public management I strive for good policy. As the head of Cleaning and Catering services for the City of Ghent I can put these three beliefs in practice. Together with my team I’m responsible for the sustainable procurement of 4500 school- and nurserymeals a day and the daily cleaning of 340 very divers citybuildings. This way my team and I are helping our city to become the climate-neutral city of tomorrow. She is also member of the Eating City focus group on public food service.

Damien Conaré

Damien Conaré is the Secretary General of the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems at the International Centre for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences (SupAgro) in Montpellier, France.  The aim of the UNESCO Chair is to increase and disseminate academic and empirical knowledge on world food systems (in particular urban food systems), their diversity, their dynamics, and their human and environmental impacts from the standpoint of sustainable development.

Eating City is at the forefront of exciting developments around the relocalization of food systems at the city region level. Food in the city and its multidimensional aspects allows to tackle so many different issues. Cities eat food,  and cities shall feed agriculture in reverse through its many ressources.

Mark Ritchie Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie is a co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the former Secretary of State of Minnesota, in the United States. At present he holds an Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems at the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and he is leading Minnesota’s campaign to host a World Expo in 2023, focused on health, wellness and well-being.


Nicola Robecchi Nicola Robecchi Gastronomic Manager @ We Deliver Taste

Founder of WDT agency, committed gastronome, adventurer & entrepreneur. Nicola believes in the opportunities to work towards a better food system, reconnecting urban areas with the countryside, land and territories. WDT Agency express his passion for research and impacting the food system by design. In 2019 his passion for infuses and adventures brought Nicola into the world of Wilden. herbals. In the chaos of modern days life, where the caffeine has a central role, Wilden. herbals address the need of younger generations to be healthier, with the help of herbals that can enrich their culture and quality of life.

Claudia Paltrinieri ECSC2018 Claudia Paltrinieri

Claudia is a food blogger and activist, she dedicate her time to promoting a healthier school catering, she founded in 2009 Foodinsider an italian network of people who are keen to improve the quality of food and menus offered in school canteens.

Ana Puhac Ana Puhac

Ana is a human ecologist, urban designer and food enthusiast from Croatia, but with home in many other places in the world. Her main interest is lies in bridging the gap between the field of urban planning/design and subjects of food (security), political ecology and alternative forms of ownership. Ana has done and participated in various projects in South and North America, Europe and Asia focused around participatory processes in urban context, informal settlement upgrading, affordable housing and urban agriculture. Until recently Ana worked as Urban food planner for FAO’s Meeting Urban Food Needs Programme, and is now looking for opportunities for joining new projects.

Aleksandar Stojanovitch Aleksandar Stojanovic Researcher at Eating City

Aleksandar Stojanovic is a labor rights activist from Serbia and a researcher with focus on policy, law and economics and the commons, is working on Eating City project within the public foodservices focus group and he is member of the Eating City steering committee. During The Campus will work as responsible of the facilitator staff.

Valentin Luiggi Nomadic Chef and President of "Université des Savoureux Compagnons"

I am the founder of a food actor collective called ” Les Savoureux Compagnons” (The Tasty Companions) composed of enthusiasts all having a link with food (Chef, teachers, nutritionists, farmers …) We have experimented with many innovations such as ephemeral restaurants, a nomadic cooking school, cooperations between independents. My goal is that cooperation will feed everyone without distinction.

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