Toni Guga

Extracts from the review of the Essay : “The Ecology of Law – Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community” by Fritjof Capra and Ugo Mattei

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Humans have through their actions and inactions almost put into danger every other species and now try battling to save themselves just like the satire given in the use of the Nile perch. I compare the excellent narrative and analysis of The Ecology of Law to be a recapitulation of the climate of fear we are almost loosing energy to resist.

The two excellent scholars maintain that while the rhetoric of science and jurisprudence may bind people together it could also blind them. They vehemently belief in the restoration of dignity particularly to the dispossessed people via collaborative networks among all stakeholders especially scientists and legal scholars. They consider peaceful intellectual and collaborative negotiations and participation to be the solution at the heart of our ecological crises.

Finding any solution to the already uncontrolled ‘ecological crises’ as the authors prefer to express it, must come first under science and law and others only secondarily. They call to convergence between the “law of nature and the law of man” to combat today’s global ecological crises and prevent that of the future.

Modernity pays more attention to market without fundamentally given consideration to where the products are coming from and how they should be used to regenerate more. Law should not be seen as a means of violence or power but rather it should solidify the cultural and traditional lives of the people and make them sovereign. Only in this way, the commons could be generative.

The Ecology of Law sufficiently and aptly presented how better institutions could lead to better ecology and stronger people.