Toni Guga

Eating City has been collaborating with Nicolas Hulot’s Foundation for Nature and Mankind for many years now and sends warm congratulations to Nicolas Hulot for his recent nomination as French Ecology Minister.


EC is proud to contribute to one of their actions called “Mon restau responsable” (My Sustainable Restaurant)  which is a French catering scheme for School canteens, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, leisure centers …

“Mon restau Responsable” encourages Public Food Services to opt for responsible purchases (organic, quality, local, fair), reduce and manage waste, control costs, educate teams and guests about the process involved.

Indeed, EC presented the programme during the workshop entitled “The role of collective catering in the paradigm shift in food systems”  organised during the last CLIMATE CHANCE conference in Nantes, France in September 2016.

Through auto-evaluation, it aims to provide catering teams, the organizations that accompany them, the decision-makers who manage them, the producers who supply them with benchmarks and tools to accompany their evolution towards more sustainable practices.

Such a system is an unexpected and unprecedented opportunity in the world to allow the academic world to study the multiple factors that contribute to the possible synergies that can make collective catering a real leverage for sustainable food chains.

By choosing this collaborative tool, “Mon restau responsable” everyone is able to take part in this movement.