Kamal Mouzawak Kamal Mouzawak

Kamal Mouzawak founded Beirut’s first farmers’ market, Souk el Tayeb, to support small farmers, offer high quality organic products, and unite religious groups along shared culinary traditions. Through Kamal’s leadership, Souk el Tayeb has expanded into a network of over 100 members with weekly farmers markets throughout Lebanon. Kamal has partnered with international organizations to coordinate Food & Feast festivals that celebrate the heritage and culture of regional foods. Along with his appointment as a Synergos Social Innovator, Kamal was named a “New Heroes- Worldwide” in 2009 by Monocle Magazine, and his work was featured in the New York Times. in 2009, Kamal founded Tawlet, the farmers’ kitchen, with ladies from different region cooking their traditional cuisine, that expanded since in different locations, Bekaa, Jezzine and a cafeteria with syrian refugee ladies cooks at UNHCR.