Pavlos Georgiadis

“Eating City comes as a response to a failed extractivist economic model that prevailed for several decades in the world. Our food supply chains are broken and, as a result, we experience the warmest months ever recorded in history, with inequalities getting deeper and extremism on the rise there. There is no much more time left for action, and it is now the time of open, peer-peer networks of active citizens to co-design and scale the regenerative economy. This is the reason I join my voice with the translocal network of Eating City.”

Born and raised in Alexandroupolis, Greece, Pavlos Georgiadis has lived in eleven countries in Europe, Asia and America working on research projects for biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and rural extension. He is an active social entrepreneur in the agroecological sector, having created the single varietal extra virgin olive oil Calypso and the consultancy company We Deliver Taste. With a focus on participatory design of resilient agrifood systems and food policy, he is consulting major R&I projects in Greece and the EU. He is the leader of Slow Food Thrace in Greece and coordinator of the Climate Tracker Europe Hub. Pavlos is a University of Edinburgh graduate with a BSc/(Hons) in Plant Science and an MSc in Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants. He holds a second MSc on Environmental Protection & Agricultural Food Production from the University of Hohenheim-Stuttgart, and is currently a PhD candidate on Social Sciences in Agriculture.