robin gourlay Robert Gourlay

Robert Gourlay was drafted into the Scottish Government to work on the delivery of the National Food and Drink Policy. The current programme of work looks at increasing the adoption of sustainable food and drink procurement across Scotland in the public sector. He has a varied CV, having started in Hotel Management, Catering Officer at the University of Aberdeen, Strathclyde Colleges Refectories Manager, and then Client Contract Manager for Strathclyde Regional Council where he was responsible for 2,100 catering locations of which 1,800 were schools. At East Ayrshire Council he has managed at various times Transport, Property, Leisure, Refuse Collection, Street Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance and Cleaning, Janitorial, School Crossing and Catering Services. He believes that public food and in particular school food is uniquely placed to deliver a community focused health improvement, sustainability and economic development agenda. He is also board member of Eating City and Leading the Public Foodservices focus Group.