Toni Guga

In his last newsletter, Wayne Roberts is presenting a re-elaboration of the potential benefits of City Regional Food Systems, published by the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit.

From 16 benefits identified by the International Sustainability Unit, the number rises up to 34.  Whatever you prioritize,you’ll find some benefits worth to advocate for, ranging from food security (and food rights), economic development, environment(al goods and services), health, democracy (governance) and culture.

To read the publication : Food in an Urbanized World: The Role of City Region Food Systems in Resilience and Sustainable Development
To read the reinforced argumentation with 34 propositions

Collaborative knowledge and understanding must be used to improve and reinforce such food common sense argument. Only doing this tirelessly we can break through the “Glass Ceiling” and push food issues into the highest arena of discussions, whether during international climate negotiations, or discussions about international trade agreements such as the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. (TTIP).

And there is little doubt that this list, a toolkit for policy makers, will keep growing as long as people innovate. Building up a dynamic and complex vision in which rural and urban territories, not only cities supported by surrounding regional food system, get more vital and  symbiotic.