Make Food Not War

Reviving culinary traditions in refugees camps to bridge people and generate local economy beyond war divisions is possible

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Credit: Souk El Tayeb

About Us

Eating City Platform

Eating City is a multi-year program of activities, launched in 2010, established by the Consortium Risteco, Terre Citoyenne, co-funded by the CLM foundation for Human Progress in Paris, and locally, for each of the different events, by other public and private partners. The aim of the program is to create opportunities of international meeting, to elaborate case studies and a series of publications with concrete proposals useful for public and private decision makers working upstream and downstream of the food chain and also for food industry and food service.

Theme of August 2016

Villarceaux Declaration 2016

  During one week, 23 young participants have met, discussed and put their energy and creativity in this text which is the 4th Villarceaux Declaration. Discover their straightforward recipe to implement the change of paradigm for sustainable food systems.  READ THE VILLARCEAUX DECLARATION 2016 We are young professionals from 20 different European countries with different...

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Isabelle Lacourt
Our Work

To create a road map

To develop a new culture of doing Business, that contributes to the construction of a new economic paradigm in which human labor is at the center of economy and environment is among the entrepreneurial decision variables

The ideal place where
Food, Health and Environment meet Business


Eating City Summer Campus

To implement the change of paradigm in the years to come, the actual generation of future decision makers have to learn to take into account...

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Workshops & Conferences

The aim of the Eating City platform is to create opportunities of international meeting, to elaborate case studies and publications with concrete...

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Eating City Videos

These videos are made to document best practices or to interview the participants of different events performed within Eating City framwork. They...

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Eating City Special Events

“Eating and Talking in the Square” is born to facilitate the dialogue and increase citizens’ awareness on the future of food systems,...

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eatingcity reports


Each report summarizes all the exchanges during the meeting.

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eatingcity concept-papers

Publications and Essays

To contribute to in-depth conversations on sustainable food systems

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Our Process

To give life to ideas

Eating City Our Process Human Labor is the centre of our dialogue


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During the third Eating City Summer Campus, the network Youth in action will be launched, in August 2015

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