In the year of EXPO Milan, the Eating City Summer Campus has welcome 42 young participants from all over the world, aged 22-28, involved any aspect related to food. This year participants reflected on the sustainability of food systems by looking at the four elements: water, air, earth and fire.

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Following the very exciting experience of last summer, we are pleased to announce the third “Eating City Summer Campus” with 43 young participants from all over the world, aged 22-28, involved any aspect related to food, invited to share this challenging adventure.

Implementing food sustainability means a deep conversion of the whole food supply chain, largely based on replacing industrialized & standardized products by human know-how. Consequently, training is one of the main tools promoted by the participants of all Eating City workshops so far. Interestingly, many cooks working in public food service have the feeling that sustainability should be able to stimulate new professional vocations for what has been for too long a sidelined, second choice job. The same vision should apply to farmers as well, especially because development of local food supply chains cannot occur unless more young people decide to work as farmers.

That’s why the Eating City platform has launched the idea to organize summer campuses open to youth working or studying any aspect related to food in order to increase their awareness and vision about sustainable food systems and also to create a new generation of decision makers able to take into account social, cultural and environmental value and to place people at the centre of economy. The Eating City Summer Campus experience brings together young people, researchers, senior professionals working in public and private sectors, opinion and community leaders, to build participants’ capacity for learning and leading in the 21st century.

Eating City will organize the 3rd edition of the summer campus open to youths from the 5 continents to look at the relationships between our food system and the four elements essential to life such as water, fire, earth and air, and to write together a common declaration that will be handed in at the Milan EXPO and shared in front of a panel of experts.

Applicants, aged 22-28, must be interested in promoting sustainable food. They can be chefs, farmers, retailers, wholesalers, urban planners, students, and people from civil society working to encourage the use of organic & local food.


Activities includes seminars, work-in-group sessions as well as recreational/cultural activities and free time in order to stimulate dialogue and thinking among the participants and speakers, all along the ten days.

Participants – through lectures, discussions, design making, workshops, skype Q & A sessions with experts, site visits – will investigate food sustainable systems with the understanding that truly sustainable solutions will take into account not only biodiversity/soil/water environment, but also the people, culture and economy, and the context of a given place.

Participants are asked to write all together a Common Declaration that outlines their vision on Sustainable Food Systems in accordance with the main thematic of the campus. This process, which is entirely in their hands, is supported during the different daily working group sessions and plenary sessions. The final day is entirely dedicated to share ideas by all the groups and to the common writing of the declaration, named after the venue of the Campus: the Villarceaux Declaration.

This year food systems issues, including thematic ranging from sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, environmental impacts, commons, governance and public policies will be addressed through the four founding elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

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The Invited Speakers

Pierre Mollo
Pierre Mollo Biologist, researcher & teacher

Pierre Mollo has a lot of field experience; he began his career as a biologist with the construction of a lobster hatchery in partnership with fishermen in Houat. Being a teacher and a researcher, he ...

Barbara Rodenburg
Barbara Rodenburg

Barbara Rodenburg was born in 1969 in the urban area of the West of the Netherlands. Her father is a farmer’s son who became a technical engineer and her mother is a trucker’s daughter who next to...

Alessandro Cerutti
Alessandro Cerutti

Alessandro Cerutti graduated in Natural Sciences. In 2011 he obtained a doctorate in Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science of the Universit...

Lucka Kajfez-î Bogataj
Lučka Kajfež Bogataj

Lučka Kajfež Bogataj is professor for climatology at the University of Ljubljana. Her current research includes biometeorology, climate change scenarios and impacts on ecosystems. She served as vice...

Boris Boincean

Boris Boincean originally from Ukraine, graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy of the Moscow Agricultural Academy (K.A. Timiriazev). he is responsible for the chair of Natural Sciences and Agroecology...

Giuseppe Mastruzzo Eating City Administrator
robin gourlay
Robert Gourlay Eating City Advisor
Mark Ritchie
Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie is a co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the former Secretary of State of Minnesota, in the United States.


Stefania Amato
Stefania Amato

Currently working at the Cabinet of the Mayor of Milan with focus on both the Food Policy of Milan and the Urban Food Policy Pact. WHO consultant for policy alignment and aid coordination of the healt...

Danielle Nieremberg
Danielle Nieremberg

Danielle Nierenberg is President of Food Tank and an expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues. She has written extensively on gender and population, the spread of factory farming in the devel...

Karen Karp
Karen Karp

Company president Karen Karp is an enlightened entrepreneur and respected consultant with over 25 years of specialty food retail, agriculture, and restaurant experience. Since 1990, when she founded ...

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie

Niel Ritchie is founder and chief executive officer of Main Street Project. Main Street Project’s mission is to increase community access to resources, share knowledge and build power in order to cr...

Dorothy Cann Hamilton
Dorothy Cann Hamilton

Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Founder & CEO of the International Culinary Center (founded as The French Culinary Institute) is also the President of Friends of the USA Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015. A res...

Bart Soldaat
Bart Soldaat Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee

Bart Soldaat has been trained as a rural sociologist at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Holland. After completion of its Masters, he has done research in Italy for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in 1990 on the subject of beef quality of indigenous breeds.


The Participants

43 young participants from all over the world, 10 days together to share a new vision about sustainable food system. This is the Eating City Summer Campus 2015!

Eating City Summer Campus 2015 Participants Map

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Georgia Harisson Hospitality, Culinary
Georgia Harrison Hospitality, Culinary years old, from Canberra, Australia

My name is Georgia and I am a 22 year old chef from Australia. The food service industry is my passion and I am very excited to be part of the 2015 Eating City Program.

Irem Dai Student in Food Engineering
Irem Dai Student in Food Engineering years old, from Gaziantep, Turchia

I'm studying in food engineering at Gaziantep University. I've been participated in different activities, volunteer clubs at univetsity. I am interested in violin for 10 years.

Ivan Kigongo Agriculture
Ivan Kigongo Agriculture years old, from Mukono, Uganda

Am Ivan from Uganda, a male Ugandan aged 23. Am so much interested in sustainable agriculture issues together with the youth.

Kenia Fita Capdevila
Kenia Fita Capdevila Student in Gastronomic Sciences years old, from Altea, Spagna

I think we live in an amazing time because everything we know is changing and we have the opportunity to be part of shaping how the future will be like.

Hannah Chatterjee Urban Food Policy
Hannah Chatterjee Urban Food Policy years old, from Iowa City, Stati Uniti

My name is Hannah Chatterjee, I currently serve as the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council Manager at the Mayor's Office of Sustainability.

Samantha Gambling Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems
Samantha Gambling Student in Land and Food Systems years old, from Vancouver, Canada

In simple terms, I am dedicated to the process of healing our communal and personal ecologies. I am particularly passionate about food sovereignty and animal welfare.

Susan Klassen Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems
Susanna Klassen Student in Land and Food Systems years old, from Saskatoon, Canada

I am a masters student in Vancouver studying food sovereignty and agricultural sustainability. My dreams are for Canada to elect a progressive government, and to raise goats.

Alen Mujcinovic Student in Agriculture and Food Science years old, from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Extremely motivated and dedicated. Team player with excellent communication skills who thrives on challenges. Long term career - rural and sustainable development sector.

Anela Memić Food Sciences years old, from Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Food technologists who want to be a teacher and educate youth about the food significance.Working with love and always have high expectations for myself and strive to achieve them.

Nicola Robecchi Founder of Wedelivertaste
Nicola Robecchi Founder of Wedelivertaste years old, from Italia

Anezka Tkacova
Anezka Tkacova Student in Master Organic Agriculture years old, from Czech Republic

Ana Elizabeth de la Horra 2
Ana Elizabeth de la Horra Student in food engineering years old, from Argentina

Alexa Zerkow Researcher
Alexa Zerkow Researcher Anthropology / Public Health / Food Systems years old, from Philadelphia, USA

Understanding the sociocultural, political, and economic influences in food systems and working to better them via efforts in public health, sustainability and social justice.

Ana Maria Rivero Santo
Ana Maria Rivero Santo Student in sustainable development - food security / sovereignty years old, from Bogotá, Colombia

I’m a food fanatic and I care about people have the chance to taste the several flavors of life, thus I do research on innovative mechanisms to bring healthy food to the table.

no foto for LuisMoita Brites
LuisMoita Brites Researcher in Food science, winery years old, from Lisboa, Portugal

Friederike Gaedke Student in Gastronomic science
Friederike Gaedke Student in Gastronomic Science years old, from Troisdorf, Germany

Finishing my 3years BA Program in Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. I am writing my thesis on sustainable restaurants and I want people to start eating real food again.

Gelu Cristian Rade
Gelu-CristianRade Student in Biotechnology and Food Safety years old, from Bucuresti, Romania

Luca Utassy
Luca Utassy Student in Sustainability in Agriculture and Food production years old, from Hungary

Marie Zimmerman Urbanism
Marie Zimmermann Student in Urban planning years old, from Düsseldorf, Germania

I am passionate about cooking and food and love to work in intercultural and interdisciplinary groups.

Giulia Scaglioni
Giulia Scaglioni Agriculture and Rural Development, Food Policies years old, from Ponte dell'Olio, Piacenza, Italy

I work for an Association involved in promotion of geographical indications and I hope to contribute through my work to the development of sustainable food systems.

Kadi Peterson Organic fruit and berry production years old, from Pärnu, Estonia

I am passionate about organic farming because it pays proper respect to our health, the environment and the important role of food within society.

Milward Ezequías Ortega Valdivia Food industry years old, from Arequipa, Perù

I'm 26 years old and I live Arequipa, Peru. I'm an agro-industrial and agribusiness engineer and I'm very interested in learning more about sustainable food industry.

Eduardo Augusto Neves
Eduardo Augusto Neves Student in Agronomy years old, from Brasile

no foto for Oskar Airijoki
Oskar Airijoki Student in Lanscape Architecture years old, from Östersund, Svezia

A very sociable, humble and intelligent person. Very communicative but also with a strong personal and artistic sense of aesthetics.

Marisol Melissa Chavez Escudero
Marisol Melissa Chavez Escudero Agro-Industrial Engineer years old, from Lima, Perù

I am a Peruvian Agro-Industrial Engineer and my aim is to promote the production of value-added products taking advantage of our biodiversity with a sustainable approach.

Evgeniya Vanyukova
Evgenia Vanyukova student years old, from Russian Federation

Alagie Jinkang
Alagie Jinkang Journalist, Activist years old, from Gambia

Elena Sandrone
Elena Sandrone Researcher in Gastronomic Sciences years old, from Italy

Sizwe Nyuka
Sizwe Nyuka Activist, urban farming years old, from Cape Town, South Africa

Andre Ruoppolo Biazoti
André Biazoti Agroecology and Urban Agriculture years old, from São Paulo, Brasile

I am André from São Paulo, an urban farmer and activist that work in a NGO with public policy. I work with agroecology and along with social movements.

Clementine Dufour Student in Food Gastronomy years old, from France

no foto for Edgar Abad Conde Blanco
Edgar Abad Conde Blanco years old, from Bolivia

Eftychia Adamidou
EftychiaAdamidou Student years old, from Greece

Luis Eduardo Ruiz Reynosa
Luis Eduardo Ruiz Reynosa Student in Environmental Engineering years old, from Guatemala

Marina Ilusca
Marina Ilusca Researcher in Agronomy years old, from Republic of Moldova

I’m a researcher at the Research Institute of Field Crops Selectia. My topic is dedicated to possibilities of transition from conventional agriculture to a more sustainable.

Weiwei Wang Student in Law and Economy years old, from Cina

no foto for Nadhir Boulbair
Nadhir Boulbair Student in Food Technology years old, from Algeria

Tung Nguyen Thanh Entrepreneur years old, from Vietnam

Supriya Dayananda
Supriya Dayananda Student in Agriculture Marketing years old, from India

Chow Woon Lee
Chow Woon Yee Aquaculture years old, from Malaysia

I’m Chow Woon Yee, graduated from National University of Malaysia in Marine Science. I’m currently working as a Laboratory Technologist In TMSI, aquaculture laboratory, NUS

Anneli Barthodsson Student in Landscape Architecture years old, from Motala, Svezia

I am studying landscape architecture, starting my master this fall. I wish to be part of creating a more aware society that respect the earth and all living.

Silvia Zucchermaglio
Silvia Zucchermaglio Student in Law and Economy years old, from Italy

no foto for Habtamu Belay
Habtamu Belay Student in Law and Economy years old, from Ethiopia

Eating City Summer Cumpus 2015 Group

The third Villarceaux declaration has been written by all participants after 6 days of intense thinking and dialogue in plenary and group sessions. It reflects the vision of young people from all continents and also from different backgrounds.
It is proposed to everyone for further reflexion and also for acknowledgement in order to give life to ideas and support to actions.

Read the final Declaration (original version)

It has now been translated in different languages:

Read the final declaration in Dutch

Read the final declaration in Portuguese

Read the final declaration in spanish

Read the final declaration in Italian

Read the final declaration in Bosnian

Read the final declaration  in greek

Read the final declaration in chinese

Read the final declaration in vietnamese

Read the final declaration in romanian

Read the final declaration in french

Read the final declaration in catalan

More translations to come soon…

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