Towards a shift of paradigm of our daily Food System: From Commodities to Common Goods

This second edition of the Eating City Summer Campus has been organised in August 12th – 19th 2014 and has involved 23 participants from countries of the Euro-Med area, aged from 23 to 29:

Alen Mujčinović, Bosnia and Herzegovina, student in quality management and sustainable development
Andrea Aimar, Italy, researcher involved in the project Food Hub TO Connect
Anja Plut, Slovenia, student in medical science
Bruna Skapin, Croatia, student in nutrition science
Boucherba Hocine Abdelatif, Algeria, student in health economics
Enio Civici, Albania, journalist
Kaltsatos Stefanos, Greece, student in territorial dynamics and rural development
Leyla Doss, Egypt, journalist
Luca Bossi, Italy, student in sociology
Lucia Lopez Marco, Spain, student in veterinary
Marco Callegari, Italy, food science and gastronomy
Marijn Bowmeester, The Netherlands, working in EU parliament
Marina Ilusca, Republic of Moldova, student in environmental sciences
Nadhir Boulbair, Algeria, student in food science
Riham Bargouthy, Palestine, student in comparative law, economic and finance
Ruben Matias, Portugal, chef and farmer
Soumaya Merhi, Lebanon, entrepreneur
Tamara Milas, Montenegro, student in law
Valentina Ciappina, Italy, video maker
Vasilev Ljupcho, Republic of Macedonia, agronomist

Three participants of the 2013 edition have been involved in the work-in-group process:

Judita Peterlin, Slovenia
Natalija Lekić, Serbia
Guus Thijssen, The Netherlands

Program of activities

During this edition, main thematics have been dedicated to food as a common good and also to the influence of the diversity of cultures and religions on food.


Agenda of The Campus




Invited Speakers

Arie Van Den Brand

Dr. Arie Van Den Brand has worked his whole life at the intersection of agriculture and society. The son of a Dutch family farmer, he earned a masters degree in agriculture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


Boris Boincean

Boris Boincean is born in 1954 in Chernovtsy region of Ukraine. He was graduated at the Moscow Agricultural Academy by name of K.A. Timiriazev, at the Faculty of Agronomy. After his PhD in 1982 on soil organic matter transformation on non-chernozem soils.


Giuseppe Mastruzzo

Giuseppe Mastruzzo is the Director of the International University College (IUC) of Turin and Affiliate Professor of Ethics in Economics and Politics at the Public Policy Department of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, National Research University of the Russian Federation.


Isabelle Lacourt
Isabelle Lacourt

Isabelle Lacourt is an Agronomist, has got a phD in soil microbiology and has worked as a researcher in France, Scotland, USA, Canada, Italy for 10 years.


Kamal Mouzawak
Kamal Mouzawak

Kamal Mouzawak founded Beirut’s first farmers’ market, Souk el Tayeb, to support small farmers, offer high quality organic products, and unite religious groups along shared culinary traditions.


Mariachiara Giorda
Mariachiara Giorda Researcher at University of Torino

Research fellow, Dipartimento di Studi Storici, University of Torino, and Assistant Professor in “History of Christianity” and “History of Religions”. She has published monographs and many articles on ascetic practices and contemporary religious pluralism.


Maurizio Mariani
Maurizio Mariani

Maurizio Mariani Italian, living in France, President of the Consortium Risteco, C.E.O. of Sotral Spa (2001-2012) he is also member of the “Groupe de Bruges”(an EU Think Tank fully dedicated to the AGRI Business) and Sustainable Food Lab (USA).


mitchell davis
Mitchell Davis

Mitchell Davis is the executive vice president of the James Beard Foundation, a cookbook author, a food journalist, and a scholar with a Ph.D. in Food Studies from NYU.


Roberto Louvin

Roberto Louvin (Aosta, Italy, 1960) is a lawyer, Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law at Department of Political and Social Sciences of University of Calabria and President of International University College of Turin.


robin gourlay
Robin Gourlay

Robin Gourlay was drafted into the Scottish Government to work on the delivery of the National Food and Drink Policy. The current programme of work looks at increasing the adoption of sustainable food and drink procurement across Scotland in the public sector.


Luis bersoza lara per profilo
Luis Lara Berzosa Cookery teacher of Miralbueno School of Zaragoza.

Cookery teacher of Miralbueno School of Zaragoza.


The Summer Campus Venue

An inspiring oecocenter near Paris

The campus has taken place in the inspiring location of the Bergerie de Villarceaux Oecocenter, in the regional nature park of Vexin, at 70 km de Paris, in France, hold by the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation (Fph), a main partner and Eating City supporter since the very beginning.

This estate’s old farmhouse has recently been refurbished to bring it in line with environmental and sustainable standards, including the uses of natural insulation materials, wood heating, solar panels, rainwater collection, natural purification through lagooning, etc.

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