“Youths & Labor – how and why Food service should be a lever to create job opportunities for the young generation”

We are pleased to announce the 6th “Eating City Summer Campus”, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32 working & studying around food sustainability: Chefs, Gastronomists, Nutritionists, Food Procurement Officers – F&B Buyers, Farmers, Fisherman, Foodies, young professionals… at anyone work or study ing around food issues – are invited to share this challenging adventure.

ECSC 2018 Call

Who can participate?

Applicants, aged 22-32, must be interested in promoting sustainable food. They can be Chefs, Gastronomists, Nutritionists, Food Procurement Officers – Buyers – lawyers, Farmers, Fishermen, Foodies –  Young Professionals or Students. They must speak fluent English.

28 youths will be selected : 20 European and 8 International participants.

Accommodation and travel are free of charge.

Applications are now closed 

In collaboration with:


Invited Speakers

Boris Boincean

Boris Boincean originally from Ukraine, graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy of the Moscow Agricultural Academy (K.A. Timiriazev). he is responsible for the chair of Natural Sciences and Agroecology...

Tamara Bruning
Tamara Bruning

As a cook I’m passionate about food, as a bachelor in social work I care for people and as a master in public management I strive for good policy.


Betina Bergmann Madsen Member of of PFS internal Focus Group

Betina Bergmann Madsen is chief procurement officer in the Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens.


Benedetto Della Vedova ECSC2018
Benedetto Della Vedova

M. Della Vedova has been Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from February 2014 to May 2018.


Tiziano Treu

Professor Emeritus of Labour Law at the Catholic University of Milan. Minister of Labour and Social Security and Minister of Trasportation in the Italian Government.


Jacques Saint-Marc ECSC2018
Jacques Saint-Marc

Graduate of Rabat and Paris’s universities in Economy and graduate of Paris’s University in Urban & Regional Planning (Institut Français d’Urbanisme).


Florence Egal ECSC2018
Florence Egal

Florence Egal is a Medical Doctor with a Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a food security, nutrition and livelihoods expert.


Anna Faucher
Anna Faucher President of "Let's Food Cities"

Having graduated with a Master’s degree in International Cooperation at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux and with a specialized Master in Innovations and Policies for a Sustainable Foo...

Claudia Paltrinieri ECSC2018
Claudia Paltrinieri

Claudia is a food blogger and activist, she dedicate her time to promoting a healthier school catering, she founded in 2009 Foodinsider an italian network of people who are keen to improve the quality of food and menus offered in school canteens.


Ashley Kosiak ECSC2018
Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak is the Impact Programs Manager at the James Beard Foundation (JBF). After working at museums and historical sites in the Minneapolis area, she moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue a Masters in Food Studies from New York University.


The EC Staff

Giuseppe Mastruzzo Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee

Giuseppe Mastruzzo is the Director of the International University College (IUC) of Turin and Affiliate Professor of Ethics in Economics and Politics at the Public Policy Department of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, National Research University of the Russian Federation.


robin gourlay
Robin Gourlay Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee, Leader of PFS internal Focus Group

Robin Gourlay was drafted into the Scottish Government to work on the delivery of the National Food and Drink Policy. The current programme of work looks at increasing the adoption of sustainable food and drink procurement across Scotland in the public sector.


Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson

Dr. Wilson has a passion for child nutrition and has dedicated her career to improving access to healthy food for all children and their families. She has spent twenty three years as a school nutrition director in three public schools districts in Wisconsin…


Aleksandar Stojanovitch
Aleksandar Stojanovic Researcher at Eating City

Aleksandar Stojanovic is a labor rights activist from Serbia and a researcher with focus on policy, law and economics and the commons, is working on Eating City project within the public foodservices focus group and he is member of the Eating City steering committee. During The Campus will work as responsible of the facilitator staff.


Maurizio Mariani
Maurizio Mariani General Manager of Eating City International Platform

Maurizio Mariani is the General Manager of Eating City, member of the “Groupe de Bruges” he is also founder and member of the Advisory Council of the MCA (Mediterranean Citizen Assembly Foundation ).


Isabelle Lacourt
Isabelle Lacourt Director Research & Development of Eating City International Pltaform

Isabelle Lacourt is an Agronomist, has got a phD in soil microbiology and has worked as a researcher in France, Scotland, USA, Canada, Italy for 10 years. Since 2005 she has got a master in Environmen...

Nicola Robecchi
Nicola Robecchi Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee

After finishing his studies at the University of Gastrnomic Science in Italy and completing an Master of Science in managment of food territories in France, Nicola, is since 2013 one of the founder of We Deliver Taste.


Focus Group - Nutrition

Ana Helena Pinto
Ana Helena Pinto

I'm a nutritionist, interested in learning more about the humanity and the richness of its diversity. I believe that the dialogue between different people, with distinct perspectives, is the most effe...

Catarina Vasconcelos
Catarina Vasconcelos

Foodie for life, nutritionist for profession. We are what we eat! I believe everyone has a special bond with food, eating is an essential need, and the way we eat is linked to our health, environment,...

Francesca Massazza

I am very passionate of all aspects of food from the farming process to the final products and eating. I really love what I am studying as I believe that through a good life style with sustainable and...

Jamilka Borges
Jamilka Borges Leading Chef 2018

Executive chef of Independent Brewing Company and Hidden Harbor, raises the bar with her dedication to volunteerism as well as her culinary prowess. Borges regularly volunteers her effort and expertise to help people who need a lift.



Ana Puhac
Ana Puhac

Ana is a human ecologist, urban designer and food enthusiast from Croatia, but with home in many other places in the world. Her main interest is lies in bridging the gap between the field of urban planning/design and subjects of food (security), political ecology and alternative forms of ownership.


Alice Pietropolli
Alice Pietropolli

Alice is now working at “Casa di Anna”, as General Manager after a long experience in international cooperation. Organic Agriculture as an instrument to reach social inclusion? Challenging but certainly possible. That’s why we, at the “Casa di Anna” Social Farm, produce vegetables that are Tasty, Healty, and Supportive!


Habtamu Belay ECSC2018
Habtamu Belay

Habtamu Belay is a lecturer in the Law School of Wollo University where he has been a faculty member since 2012. Habtamu completed his Ph.D. at the University of Torino and his graduate studies at the IUC of Turin. His research interest lies in the areas of global equitable governance, international informal networks, and financial regulation.


Giampiero Mazzocchi ECSC2018
Giampiero Mazzocchi Ph.D. student in Food Policies 31 years old, from Ascoli Piceno, Italy

I am Ph.D. student working on Food Policies and connections with urban and peri-urban agriculture. I grew up watching my grandma making "tagliatelle", a typical italian pasta, talking with her and hearing stories of the past. Very passionated in my studies, I think that food is the main bridge connecting cultures and generations. My willingness is to create the conditions to reconnect people with food and agriculture. "Eating is an agricultural act!" (Wendel Berry)

Jeanne Tantot ECSC2018
Jeanne Tantot Nutritionist and food sociologist 27 years old, from France

Jeanne Tantot, nutritionist and food sociologist, anthropologist, 27 years old, from Vaison la Romaine (France). I am a young researcher on the "food of tomorrow" and it acceptability by the society. Specialized about new vegetable proteins sources with ethical and ecological behavior, i enjoy life, food, sport, theater, traveling and smiling.

Chef Jam Melchor ECSC2018
Jam Melchor Chef 30 years old, from Philippines

Jam Melchor is a chef and local food champion from the Philippines. He established the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, a not for profit movement dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Philippine culinary heritage and gastronomy. He is also the convenor of the Slow Food Youth Network Philippines. In 2017, the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (University of Gastronomic Sciences - UNISG) in Pollenzo, Italy through its annual Le Tavole Accademiche opened its kitchen to the culinary expertise of Chef Jam Melchor, He presented, prepared and served savory Filipino dishes that opened up their palates to asian flavors and feed their knowledge about Filipino food culture.

Shannon Quigley ECSC2018
Shannon Quigley Dietician 25 years old, from Kilmarnock, Scotland, Regno Unito

I am a Dietician from Kilmarnock, Scotland. Having a real enthusiasm for all things food and health since a young age, I was able to channel this passion into a career that keeps giving me the opportunities to play a role in the tackling of Scotland’s childhood obesity epidemic. Growing up in Scotland, I experienced first-hand as a pupil, all the initial changes that were made to school meals. With childhood obesity at an all-time high in Scotland, I will be looking at what I can do differently with the food contracts, changing the current market, reducing food poverty within the area and providing the best start to all children. I hope to focus on how we can provide sustainable food for children in Scotland at a time where both obesity and poverty are reaching alarming levels.

Cinta Peerdeman ECSC2018
Cinta Peerdeman 27 years old, from Netherlands

I grew up with Indonesian and Italian influences which probably triggered my passion for food and love for eating together with family and friends. I have a background in sustainable energy and innovation and I have a drive to evolve sustainable food systems for widespread accessible good, clean and fair food.

Tomas Olsan ECSC2018
Tomáš Olšan PhD student of physics 29 years old, from Czech Republic

Traveler (30 countries visited so far) interested in local cuisines. PhD student of physics in Czech University of Life Sciences. Organized several international food nights for a group of 6-10 people. Love to cook for friends and share a meal with them. Currently on a ketogenic diet. Favorite cuisines: indian, japanese, turkish.

Joao Lima ECSC2018
João Lima Nutrition and Dietetics Professor 28 years old, from Portugal

“I’m a young nutritionist and Nutrition and Dietetics Professor, in love and dynamic within that science, involved with my city and with my country: I consider myself as focused on what we eat; in the food sciences; food consumption and nutrition! Very recently, I discovered that I wanted to be an active agent in modulating food consumption; specially throught the Mediterranean Diet - a lifestyle pattern, immaterial heritage; a bastion of sustainability and truly Portuguese.”

Ermolaos Ververis
Ermolaos Ververis M.Sc. Chemist, Food Scientist 27 years old, from Mytilene, Lesvos Island, North Aegean, Greece

Following my interests, I have managed to balance my professional life between Chemistry and Food Science, with experience within Europe and overseas. I believe that combining knowledge and competencies from different areas results to better ideas and more effective solutions.

Thibault Geerardyn ECSC2018
Thibault Geerardyn Rikolto, Sustainable Food Systems 25 years old, from Antwerp, Belgium

Working for Rikolto in Belgium I try to contribute to face the global food challenge by stimulating social entrepreneurship in food & agro in different countries (Peru, Tanzania, Indonesia and Belgium). Besides that, I work on the Food for the Future project in Belgium, in which we try to fuel the debate on our future food (focus on three crops: seaweed, pulses and quinoa) from practice (through experimentation, eductation, innovation, co-cration, sensitization…).

Alaina Webber ECSC2018
Alaina Webber Director of Hospitality at Brew Gentlemen 2018 years old, from Braddock, Pennsylvania, USA

I create communication systems across business functions and foster relationships with our community, customers and distributors. Building on previous experience in food system reform, I believe food and beer belong together and focus on uniting the two through advocacy and meaningful experiences.

Eirini Botsi ECSC2018
Eirini Botsi Dietitian-Nutritionist 25 years old, from Athens, Greece

Being an active and athletic person all my life and having a strong desire to help other people I decided to become a dietitian. Now I am a master student in clinical nutrition and I never stop looking for lifelong learning seminars. My hobbies are travelling, sports and nature activities and I try my best to combine them with my work. I love my field and the possibilities that it has to make a more sustainable environment, to inspire people for healthier lifestyle habits and wellness, to prevent disease and cure body and soul.

Eliot Gee ECSC2018
Eliot Gee Researcher at Bioversity International, Rome 27 years old, from NY, New York, United States

I am a Research Fellow at Bioversity International, Rome. My longstanding interests in anthropology, photography, film, cooking, and cross-cultural education converged in London, where I received an MA in the Anthropology of Food at SOAS, while also teaching Chinese cooking to British GCSE students. Since then, I have become fascinated by the role food plays in migration, health, and farmer security. I currently work in Rome for a multi-country research for development initiative (www.b4fn.org) that promotes a variety of indigenous crops for nutritious diets, resilient livelihoods, and long-term sustainability.

Lola Zlokapa ECSC2018
Lola Zlokapa 26 years old, from trieste, italy

During my childhood I was lucky enough to understand what real food is. The always-too-short summers spent at my grandfather‘s farm taught me a lot. If we respect Nature, also our food will be tastier

Elena Escano Lopez ECSC2018
Elena Escaño Lopez Farmer in the Dehesa 28 years old, from Cortegana, Spain

I am in love with each interactive component of the ecosystem, and its final resoult through amazing unique flavours. We raise 100% iberian pigs together with some other local animals and gardens....We truly believe in the future by building sustainable food system. Passionate about effective communication by means of food, tradition and time.

Marie Flore Doyen ECSC2018
Marie Flore Doyen Agronomist 25 years old, from Montpellier, Montpellier, France

I am an agronomist (Engineering School of Purpan – France) specialized in Innovations And Policies For Sustainable Food (SupAgro Montpellier - France). I believe that we need urban and territorial food policies to foster the transition toward sustainable food systems. Strong of their democratic legitimacy and their knowledge of the local context, I am convinced that local authorities can become the keystone of a better food governance.

Heloise Ferber ECSC2018
Héloïse Ferber 22 years old, from France

After Highschool, I picked up my backpack and chose the school of Life : I travelled for two years in Europe and Asia, working in organic farms and alternative communities. On the road I also found myself a passion for cooking and being now a graduate from cooking school I wonder on how creative cuisine, sustainable farming and the knowledge of traditions could join together into feeding the world of tomorrow and bringing Peace.

Calvin Nelson ECSC2018
Calvin Nelson 25 years old, from Accra, Ghana

Calvin, raised with Ghanaian-Liberian culture is a food and agriculture enthusiastic, he has been engaged with many community initiatives from conservation and climate smart agriculture to food and nutrition. As a student leader he is currently serving as the Regional Exchange Coordinator for the International Association of Students in Agricultural and related Sciences (IAAS-AFRICA). With his interest in agriculture he holds a BSc. In Agricultural Economics and Extension. He believes with substantial investment in Agriculture in the African Region, the region can overcome the challenge of youth unemployment.

Christine Tran ECSC2018
Christine Tran Doctoral Student, Grantmaker & Writer 35 years old, from Los Angeles, California, United States

I am the daughter of Vietnamese Boat People Refugees and a first generation high school graduate. From personal experiences, I know the impact effective policies and programs have on society. I am a scholar of educational policy and family engagement efforts. My dissertation research focuses on equity in school nutrition implementation. I am passionate about telling stories, connecting systems, and addressing inequities.

Mahmoud Moussaoui Food blogger 22 years old, from Rabat, Marocco

In love with the culinary world for its power to connect people but also, for being a field where creativity does not have limits, I started a food blog to share my passion. Right after my graduation as a software engineer, I decided to follow my passion and made my job related to it by working as a project manager in a communication and strategy culinary agency. I also do consider that the culinary field is not only the process of cooking, but it starts way before form the process of farming ingredients. It's a related chain where every single element has it's own importance.

Giulia Gallo Student Food Sciences 21 years old, from Italy

I'm studying Food Sciences and Cultures, because I'm passionate about all the world around food, from health to environmental protection, in particular about sustainable production and food security and so the access to food. I think all the best comes from nature, so we have to preserve it in every situation.

Miah Ulysse ECSC2018
Miah Ulysse 24 years old, from Minneapolis, USA

Life experiences (like many of us) have brought me to this work. I am passionate about developing a cooperative, systems-based food movement that heals and supports Black, Indigenous, and other systemically dis-invested people in my community. I hold a BS in Food Systems and have experience managing marketing/branding, building infrastructure for community food systems-focused organizations, and developing local food policy.

Heidy Rojas ECSC2017
Heidy Rojas Lawyer and Philosopher 27 years old, from Bogotá, Colombia

Deeply passionate in food and eviromental topics from the legal and holistic perspective. I am interested in preservation of the enviroment and I oriented myself to food production systems like agroecology, organic and dynamic farming. Willing to make changes in small communities in my country.

Vincenzo La Forgia ECSC2018
Vincenzo La Forgia Gastronome 27 years old, from Turin, Italy

After being graduated at University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, I now work there as a fundraiser. I am in charge of developing relationships between UNISG and food companies through the creation of "ad hoc" plans. The goal is to improve them from the inside thanks to innovative and more sustainable approaches. I strongly believe in food and sustainability education as instruments of change able to build a better quality of life for all.

Christina Conell ECSC2018
Christina Conell Nutritionist 32 years old, from USA

Christina Conell is a veggie-loving carnivore that began her career at the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service in 2010, where she has worn many hats, from leading the agency’s training and technical assistance efforts related to buying local foods for federal Child Nutrition Programs to overseeing USDA purchases for school meals. She’s passionate about making sure America’s children have access to the best food possible and ensuring that federal programs are leading the way in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

no foto for Lorenzo Grossi
Lorenzo Grossi 27 years old, from Italy

no foto for Marina Ilusca
Marina Ilusca 29 years old, from Moldova

no foto for Yuki Nagakawa
Yuki Nagakawa 23 years old, from Japan

no foto for Tobias Maier
Tobias Maier 27 years old, from Austria

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#EC_SC2018 – The 2018 Eating City Summer Campus Call is now open!

The selection results for #EC_SC2018 are out! We invite all candidates to check their emails and, for those who have been selected, to please confirm their participation BEFORE Saturday 16th June   We are pleased to announce the 6th “Eating City Summer Campus”, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32 working & studying around food sustainability: Chefs, Gastronomists, Nutritionists, Food Procurement...