This 4th edition of the summer campus has looked at the relationships between Agro-ecology and Public food Service.

As usual this campus was open to youth interested in promoting sustainable food, including chefs, urban planner, farmers, fishermen, retailers, wholesalers, students and people from civil society working to encourage the use of organic & local food. However, due to the thematic of this year, focusing on Public Food Service, applications from young professionals enrolled by a public authority at local, national or European level, especially in jobs or activities related to food systems, have been encouraged.

we were asked to produce a politically valid document – a declarations – that spoke for us all in one voice. During the first day of Campus we agreed however that yet another declaration would not be good enough, so we challenged ourselves even further to come up with a document with concrete and realistic action plans to reflect the measure we identified as most urgent in boosting the shift of paradigm. We sincerely hope our energy and creativity will be echoed in this text – the 4th Villarceaux Declaration.”

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The Invited Speakers

Tim Lang

Tim Lang is Professor of Food Policy at the Centre for Food Policy, City University London where he lectures on its unique MSc and PhD food policy programm...

Boris Boincean

Boris Boincean originally from Ukraine, graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy of the Moscow Agricultural Academy (K.A. Timiriazev). he is responsible for the chair of Natural Sciences and Agroecology...

Alessandro Cerutti
Alessandro Cerutti

Alessandro Cerutti graduated in Natural Sciences. In 2011 he obtained a doctorate in Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science of the Universit...

Barbara Morton

Barbara Morton is a Director of Sustainable Procurement Limited, specialising in helping organisations to embed sustainability into their procurement and supply chain management activities. She works ...

Betina Bergmann Madsen Member of of PFS internal Focus Group

Betina Bergmann Madsen is chief procurement officer in the Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens.


Karen Geyssens

As a social worker option social policy, Karen Geyssens took her first steps in the city of Ghent as a youth counsellor. After this she joined deputy major Martine De Regge as a social policy advisor ...

Giuseppe Mastruzzo Eating City Administrator
Karen Karp
Karen Karp

Company president Karen Karp is an enlightened entrepreneur and respected consultant with over 25 years of specialty food retail, agriculture, and restaurant experience. Since 1990, when she founded ...

Pavlos Georgiadis

Born and raised in Alexandroupolis, Greece, Pavlos Georgiadis has lived in eleven countries in Europe, Asia and America working on research projects for biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and rural extension.


Bart Soldaat
Bart Soldaat Member of Eating City International Platform Steering Committee

Bart Soldaat has been trained as a rural sociologist at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Holland. After completion of its Masters, he has done research in Italy for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in 1990 on the subject of beef quality of indigenous breeds.


The Participants

23 young participants have met, discussed and put their energy and creativity in this text which is the 4th Villarceaux Declaration.

Eating City Summer Campus 2016 Participants Map

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Lynsey Gordon
Gordon Lynsey Scotland Excel years old, from Glasgow, UK

I am a Senior Procurement Specialist within Scotland Excel and have the responsibility for managing and tendering food contracts worth £60million per annum across councils in Scotland.

Ana Helena Pinto Nutritionist years old, from Arouca, Portugal

I'm a nutritionist, interested in learning more about the humanity and the richness of its diversity. I believe that the dialogue between different people, with distinct perspectives, is the most effective way to find new solutions and answers for the problem we face today.

Barbora Kebova Student years old, from Ostrava, Czech Republic

I believe food can make people, animals and also environment all around the world happier and healthier - if grown, produced and consumed the right way. That is, briefly said, what I would like to help to achieve through my studies, work and activities.

Ana Puhac
Ana Puhac freelance years old, from Ðurðevac, Croatia

A human ecologist and urban planner eating away borders between the city and nature

Aleksandar Stojanovitch
Aleksandar Stojanovic Student years old, from Serbia, Belgrade

I am a labor rights activist from Serbia and a researcher with focus on policy, law and economics and commons.

Anna Faucher
Anna Faucher IUFN years old, from Bordeaux, Francia

Having graduated with a Master’s degree in International Cooperation at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux and with a specialized Master in Innovations and Policies for a Sustainable Food System at Montpellier SupAgro, Institut des Régions Chaudes, I am particularly interested in food security and agricultural policies. Working with the IUFN is an opportunity to innovate in public policies, introducing new processes in cities and regions on a dynamic and flexible scale that allows debate and alternative visions.

Mara Lytrokapi Freelance years old, from Larissa, Greece

I am a Permaculture Designer passionate about forest gardens as a way to restore the land and produce food sustainably

Carlotta Cicconetti Civil service years old, from Padova, Italy

Msc in Development, Environment and Cooperation. I collaborate with an ethical purchasing group and I hope to contribute with my experience to develop and strenghten the connection between alternative food networks and social inclusion.

Edith Salminem Farmer years old, from Malmö, Sweden

I’m a holistic gastronome, and I live and breathe that life style. I think, I feel, I grow, and I eat food – it’s my tool, my weapon, my comfort and my hope.

Petra Vodopivec Student years old, from Ljubljana, Slovenia

For real happiness I do not need much - just honest people, music, good food and love.

Seth de Vlieger Student years old, from Wageningen, The Netherlands

calm, sociable, open-minded, kind, very sportive and going with the flow kind describe a large part of my personality. I enjoy studying, reading, meeting new people, encountering new places and situations, getting skilled in something, seriously pondering upon issues/questions that matter, sporting, and being in nature. Now I only hope I can live up to these expectations.

Paula Svaton Student years old, from Staffanstorp, Sweden

I am a student of Gastronomy, particularly interested in cross-cultural approaches to food.

Triin Viilvere Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre years old, from Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Estonia

I am positive and cheerful person and try to find something good in every situation.

Nicholas Panayi Student years old, from Londra, UK

Currently enjoying my journey towards good food alongside good people.

Sylwia Padiasek
Sylwia Padiasek Lactalis Poland years old, from Warsaw, Poland

A peanut butter loving polish snowflake with a good sense of humor soaked in cold brew coffee.

Martina Jostrup Student years old, from Malmö, Sweden

I'm a student of landscape architecture/urban planning from Sweden who loves biking, peanutbutter and cats.

Kristina Martinkute Freelance years old, from Klaipėda County, Lithuania

I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Tourism and Recreation Management. I am experienced in project management and have high interest in food, especially in gastronomic tourism.

Maria Lerchbaumer Student years old, from Innsbruck, Austria

Food education with senses and emotions, starting with the soil in your hand, ending with the smell and taste of a good meal, food experiences connect across all ages and boarders.

Johan Dal Aalborg University years old, from Copenaghen, Denmark

Both my professional interest and my passion circle around the challenges and potentials of the modern food system, ways to improve and innovate and how to manage change for a sustainable future.

no foto for Cécile Michel
Cécile Michel Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat years old, from Milano, MI, Italy

I have always been interested in food and its political, social and environmental dimension. After two years in Africa (Mali) working on food security and sovereignty, I now work in the Milan mayor's office for the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, an international protocol engaging 122 cities all over the world for the development of fair and sustainable food systems.

no foto for Tara King
Tara King Cork Food Policy Council years old, from Cork, Ireland

Coordinator of the Cork Food Policy Council, I hold a BSc in International Development and Food Policy, a master’s in Public Health and I am currently pursuing a PhD with the Department of Geography in University College Cork.

Julia Villarroya Margaix CERAI years old, from Valencia, Spain

I just finished my studies and I want to continue learning in different ways like this Eating City Summer Campus

Alberto Pasquini years old, from Roma, RM, Italy

My name is Alberto and I'm a 28-year-old guy from Italy. I like the outdoors and try to follow sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I am creative, thoughtful and open minded.

Watch the 2016 Summer Campus Video

Speakers’ presentations:

August 13th

Agroecology: regenerative vs extractive economy by Pavlos Georgiadis

August 14th

Agroecology and soil preservation by Boris Boincean

Measuring sustainability in Public food Service by Alessandro Cerutti

Vertical farming by Bart Soldaat

August 15th

Sustainable food procurement by Barbara Morton

August 16th

Public Food Strategy: the city of Copenhagen by Betina Bergmann Madsen

Public Food Strategy: the city of Ghent by Karen Geyssens

August 17th

Public Food as Commons by Giuseppe Mastruzzo, Aleksandar Stojanovich and Ana Puhac

Karen Karp & Partners: A consulting company working at the intersection of agriculture, food
& health by Karen Karp

The Youth Food Network by Guus van Thijssen





Read the Villarceaux Declaration 2016 in the original version and also in its different translations made by the participants.

Read the Declaration

French version

Italian version

Croatian version

Czech version

German version

Finnish version

Lithuanian version

Dutch version

Portugese version

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Villarceaux Declaration 2016

During one week, 23 young participants have met, discussed and put their energy and creativity in this text which is the 4th Villarceaux Declaration. Discover their straightforward recipe to implement the change of paradigm for sustainable food systems. DONWLOAD THE VILLARCEAUX DECLARATION 2016 We are young professionals from 20 different European countries with different backgrounds...